Verimation Technology Inc. inherits the legacy of K. J. Law Engineers, a long established provider of inspection solutions for customer’s needs worldwide.  Verimation has acquired all of K. J Law’s technology and inventory, and continues the K. J. Law tradition of high quality products and dependable service with all key former K. J. Law staff.  Verimation’s experienced and talented engineers maintain a robust and time proven catalog of products covering a wide range of inspection solutions such as:
  • Dimensional Gaging and Nondestructive (NDT) Testing Systems
  • Dimensional Gaging and Nondestructive (NDT) Test Instruments
The over four decades of success inherited by Verimation demonstrates their ability to deliver high quality products and services that meet or exceed  customer needs. For more information regarding inspection solutions for your company or agency, contact one of our Sales Engineers at:  [email protected].


In October 1957, a consulting engineering partnership was formed by two professors teaching at Wayne State University, Robert W. Kearns teaching in the Mechanical Engineering Department and Kenneth J. Law in the Electrical Engineering Department.  The partnership started using the name Kearns and Law Engineers. Early in 1962, Kearns decided to pursue other interests and Law purchased his shares of the partnership and commenced operations as K. J. Law Engineers, Inc.  The company was incorporated in January 1964 with 19 employees and has grown continuously since.  Upon incorporation, Mr. Law decided to change strategy and enter the electronic product field with the manufacture of the newly developed nondestructive testing eddy current instruments trademarked “Variety”. During the next 5 years¸ the corporation’s sales changed from 95 percent engineering and special systems to almost 90 percent product and related test systems.  K. J. Law Engineers, Inc. became known for designing, engineering and manufacturing dependable test inspection products complete with after sale service.  Most research and developmental engineering for instruments and test systems were performed in-house. In the early 1970s, a machine shop was acquired and coordinated into the firm’s operation.  This provided much better control of all special parts and handling machines for testing systems and offered customers complete turnkey systems from a single source supplier. In the spring of 2002, all K. J. Law technology and inventory was acquired by Verimation Technology, Inc.  As of May 2002, all Verimation personnel are former K. J. Law Employees ready to continue the tradition. Verimation Technology, Inc. currently has two operating groups: The Gaging Systems Division and NDT Products Division.  Each division is structured to provide engineering, sales and service support to their respective customers.  Both divisions are located in our facility in Novi, Michigan.


Initially established with the creation of the Verimet eddy current instrument line in the early 1960s, this product group was expanded in 1990 with the acquisition of assets for Hentschel Instruments, Inc., a former eddy current instrument/system competitor.  With this new acquisition, K. J. Law Engineers, Inc. gained additional personnel and eddy current products.  During the past few years, new portable instruments and several laboratory/production instruments for predicting hardness have been added to the product line. Penetration hardness testing instruments and systems for Brielle and Rockwell-type testing have also been a part of this group since the development of the Verimatic product line in 1982.  A new high-speed version of the N8800 Rockwell-type tester introduced in 1987 has found wide spread use in the munitions industry.


In 1979 the company implemented a decision to more aggressively pursue opportunities in the field of dimensional gaging.  As a result, the microprocessor based Model 8200 was introduced followed by the PC-based Model G2000 VeriGage® in 1991. Combined with in-house system handling capabilities, the G2020 VeriGage® offers users a full range of automatic gaging options and SPEC analysis capabilities including: concentricity, cylindricity, taper, run out, tool/spindle compensation, and FFT analysis. In 1992, the company introduced the G2500 Ultra Gage®, an easy-to-use, SPC gage controller designed to be a “tool for the operator”.  This product gives the user process monitoring capabilities for manual, semi-automatic and fully automated gages.  In addition, the G2500 is capable of providing real-time SPC control data and tool offset/feedback to PLC controllers and temperature control devices.


In 2001 the company began shipping systems utilizing Verimation’s advanced VERIMET system to key customers.  VERIMET represents the future of inspection instrumentation for Verimation.   Built with modular software components and hardware components, the system can do everything any of our automatic eddy current and gage instruments ever could, and much more. VERIMET can handle the most challenging eddy current applications and dynamic gaging applications with a single instrument built on standard Microsoft and industry-standard Web-based technology.


Verimation Technology, Inc. continues to look to the future with a healthy percent of capital directed to advance planning and long range product development.  Along the way the company is developing stronger partnerships and associations with tier one and two automotive parts suppliers, production line machine integrators, machine builders, fixture manufacturers, as well as in-process instrument systems for process monitoring and control. We feel the reputation we have established in our marketplace has gained the respect of our customers and competitors alike.  We intend to maintain the high quality, reliability and good service attitude and capability that has always been provided to our customers.  This is the key reason for our success.  We intend, as a composite group, to maintain this philosophy in all of our future corporate endeavors to ensure our success and projected future growth.